What is a trash test? 

A trash test is simply going through our trash, recording what we find, then reviewing the information. This eye-opening experience helps us make better decisions when attempting to reduce waste within our home and/or business.

The first step in reducing waste is identifying what types of waste we currently generate. 

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Why are trash tests important? 

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Ecological Impact

The way we choose to live directly impacts our home & surrounding environment. Modern conveniences cost us more than the price tag.


Reduce Waste

Reducing the amount of waste that enters our home saves money, time, effort & space. In the long term, it might even save lives.


Future Generations

The average American generates over 4lbs of waste per day. By taking responsibility now, we can set good examples & create a better future for all.

How does trash testing help me? 

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See Physical Progress

Our recycle & trash can used to get filled to the top each week. Now, we fill the recycle 75% & trash 20%. Seeing progress is rewarding, motivating & makes success feel possible.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Data-driven decisions offer us clarity, direction & peace of mind. Until we looked at the data, we had no idea that our garbage can contained more than 50% recyclable items. 

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Build Better Habits


Doing trash tests helps us grade our habits & behaviours so that we know how to improve. The more personal we get with our trash, the more power we have to change our ways. 

How to do a trash test

Click HERE to download a free trash test template & watch the simple tutorial video below to learn how to do your own trash test! 

Sample spreadsheet results

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Happy Trash Testing!

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