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Before & After - Which resume do you think helped land an interview with Google?

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"...Prior to having met Bre, the job search process was a mundane and demotivating drudgery...

 "It's a numbers game" is a familiar phrase to anyone during their job search. 

Bre has taught me that the job search is also a learning process. We’re learning about ourselves so that we can have a better chance at getting roles we actually like and want to keep. We’re learning about others from their successes and failures. Learning this has made the job search much more bearable. 

Time and time again during our interactions and interactions I've observed, Bre has demonstrated that she is part of the rare breed of individual that is generous with her time and wisdom, and actually interested in helping other people succeed."

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"I believe her advice was what got me my first job as a software engineer.

 I had recently graduated from Hack Reactor and been applying to tons of places. was my top pick due to its prestigious reputation, and she told me that it would make a strong impression if I did some amount of work for them without their prompting. The job description suggested a knowledge of web accessibility; I spent a day researching the topic and another day writing actual code to modify their front page to be more accessible to blind users, then submitted it to them via email. This was the first time I tried this unconventional strategy and within a week I had an offer. 

I probably would not be where I am without Breanna."


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Phone Screen Prep

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Onsite Interview Prep

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Negotiation Prep



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Meet Your Future Career Coach Breanna Baker

Breanna Baker worked in-office for a talent agency in Hollywood booking & training 300+ models & actors primarily for commercial and print work. She spent a few years as a professional photographer & traveled to the headquarters of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Starbucks, The New York Times, and more... which sparked her desire to work in sales to help people accept new technologies to improve their business and life. Breanna has helped multiple software engineers discover what they want & get salary jobs paying $80-150k+/yr. Today Breanna works as a remote career coach, self-published author, & workshop instructor.



The Minimum Viable Job Search Series: Application 

by Breanna Baker, Amazon Kindle Author