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Have you ever wondered why some models & actors seem to book tons of paid work, while others, maybe even yourself, struggle to book any paid work at all?

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We hear over and over that the business-side of modeling & acting is crucial for a successful career. 

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!


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Discover Your Dream Career & Your Dream You.



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Meet Your Future Career Coach Breanna Baker

Breanna Baker self-booked 100+ shoots per year for over 5 years as a professional model, actress, voiceover artist, & photographer. She was known locally as the "Queen of Marketing" & "Queen of Posing", and was asked to give private lessons & teach workshops. Her focus was helping people learn to book their own work & increase bookability (increase the likelihood of being booked).

Breanna’s unique set of skills lead her to work as a talent manager as well as work in-office for a talent agency in Hollywood booking & training 300+ models & actors primarily for commercial and print work.

As a photographer, she traveled to the headquarters of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Starbucks, The New York Times, and more... which sparked her desire to work in sales to help people accept new technologies to improve their business and life. Today Breanna works as a career coach, self-published author, & workshop instructor.



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The Minimum Viable Job Search Series: Application 

by Breanna Baker, Amazon Kindle Author