Pots and Pans Cupboard Organizer

When we first moved into our new Indy home, we thought the kitchen was enormous. But, of course, humans naturally fill whatever space we have... and my Wyatt loves to cook. When our cupboard became messy, I naturally resorted to Amazon.com to search for a solution, but as usual wasn't satisfied with the options & prices. 

What I wanted was an upper shelf, a pan rack, and a lid rack. But, this quick & easy makeshift contraption worked better than what I originally wanted. The pans, neatly nested on the left, slide in-and-out with ease. The mixing bowls on the top left, thanks to their size, sit nicely on the edge - so I didn't need to extend the shelving all the way to the left. The small pots stack on top for a quick grab. The stock pot is masterfully in the middle = The least-used is the hardest to access (which really isn't that hard at all). Glass & plastic containers are on the right with extra lids leaning by their side - I could have even added a 2" thick lid slot if I wanted, but everything stays in it's place, and we never have trouble finding anything. 



The build is simple. I can't tell you exactly what shape to build, as everyone's cupboard is different. But if you want a second opinion, feel free to email a picture to Bre@BreannaBaker.com

The basic idea is to just decide what shape you want, then zip tie the corners together. Our unit was mostly assembled inside the cupboard because the finished shape wouldn't fit through the cupboard doors. Lastly, just snip off the ends of the zip ties, and you're done!

Zip Tying Wire Shelves.JPG

p.s. I made this post because I sent a picture of our cat hiding in the cupboard to my Mom. She saw the unit in our cupboard and immediately wanted to know more about it. So, if this helped you, be sure to thank my Mom for asking me to share! 

Also, I used the same materials for multiple other DIY projects which I'll soon be sharing. :)