Bottle Drying Rack

Bottle Drying Rack w/ Slide-Out Drip Tray

For the past year or so, my boyfriend spent a few hundred dollars per month on Kombucha. So, as an early birthday gift & moving-to-a-new-city date, I signed us up for a Kombucha class by Circle City Kombucha at Great Fermentations. The class was great, and a month later we're now able to brew 4 gallons of homemade kombucha each month. 

Kombucha Bottles3.jpg

Little did I know that by signing us up for that class, I was signing myself up for more weekly cleaning, more chores. Wyatt bought these pop-top homebrew bottles on Amazon (as suggested by our kombucha brewing instructor). They were a pain-in-the-butt to clean at first, but then I stumbled upon a few tricks that made life easier... Click Here to see our water/time-saving technique for washing & rinsing home brew bottles.

We also had nowhere to dry the bottles... 

I looked at some drying racks on Amazon, but couldn't seem to find what I imagined would work best, and everything was more expensive than expected. So, I made this drying rack with some leftover materials from other DIY projects around the house.




  1. Put one wire-shelf on top & one wire-shelf beneath a dishpan.
  2. Combine 2 zip ties to make a double-length zip-tie. Then connect the center edges on one side of the shelves.
  3. Repeat Step 2 on the other side.
  4. Tighten the zip ties till the dishpan doesn't slide around when picked up, but can still be removed. 
Drying Rack Zip Tie up close.JPG

The rack fits about 9 bottles, but you could probably fit more. I also use the same rack to dry our brewing jars, plates, pots, and pans. If you made a bunch of these, you could easily slide-out the tubs & stack all the parts for storage or travel. 

Tip: It's best to place each bottle in holes on opposite ends to balance the weight at the start.  Examples: North then South, West then East. For such a lightweight object, the base is pretty solid thanks to the flat square.

One mistake I made, was that I didn't tell Wyatt I was making a drying rack. So, he ordered a bottle drying tree on Amazon. After trying it out, we both like our homemade drying rack better. It's more conservative of space, easier to use, easier to clean & store, more visually appealing to have in the kitchen, and our cat doesn't knock it over (as she does with the bottle tree). I'm confident that once more home-brewers try this DIY drying rack, it will become pretty popular - It's perfect for the job.