How To Wash & Rinse Kombucha Bottles

For the past year or so, my boyfriend spent a few hundred dollars per month on Kombucha. So, as an early birthday gift & moving-to-a-new-city date, I signed us up for a Kombucha class by Circle City Kombucha at Great Fermentations. The class was great, and a month later we're now able to brew 4 gallons of homemade kombucha each month. 

2018.04.10 KombuchaIMG_1206.jpg

Little did I know that by signing us up for that class, I was signing myself up for more weekly cleaning, more chores. Wyatt bought these pop-top homebrew bottles on Amazon (as suggested by our kombucha brewing instructor). They were a pain-in-the-butt to clean at first, but then I stumbled upon a few tricks that made life easier...

For example, when I cleaned the bottles, all the soap would stay in the bottle unless I either 1. Swooshed it with water 10x or 2. Filled it to the top with water then swooshed once or twice... Both methods required a LOT of time & water.

The main issue was that when you try to pour water out, the bottle mouth is facing down and the air-filled soap bubbles float up to the bottoms-up of the bottle which traps the soap inside the bottle during each rinse. But then I discovered the "tornado"... Add a little water, swirl it like a tornado or whirlpool, then keep up the swirling throughout the entire turn-to-pour out. With this method, you only need to rinse the bottle 2-3x with way less water and time. 

We also had nowhere to dry the bottles... so we made this DIY Bottle Drying Rack.