BoiseCodeWorks at Trailhead


Today I photographed BoiseCodeWorks at Trailhead where my boyfriend Wyatt Arent, an experienced software engineer from VYNYL, was a volunteer mentor. We go on the coolest, most productive dates ever. 

Trailhead is a local co-working space and startup hub located right in the heart of Downtown Boise, a.k.a. BoDo. The inside is a big open space and great working atmosphere. Trailhead memberships start at $35/mo. For individual (non-student) members, and I’m totally interested.

BoiseCodeWorks is a 12-week coding bootcamp located in Boise, ID where students gain the necessary skills to get jobs as software developers. There are expected to be at least 1.5 million software jobs available by the year 2022! I recently moved to Boise from the San Francisco Bay Area where most software developers make over $100k per year. From my experience, if you’re new to coding, bootcamps are the absolute best way to accelerate ahead to a professional level.

It’s so exciting to see all these bright and innovative companies here in Boise. This is one of the cleanest and friendliest cities I’ve ever been to, and I’m glad to now call it home.