Shoot with Sam Pasillas


Today I photographed senior photos for Sam Pasillas in my hometown of Pollock Pines, CA. Sam is an extremely talented up and coming musician. I've watched him perform at multiple venues around El Dorado County, and he always steal the show. If you'd like to see Sam play before he moves on to bigger and better things, he tends to perform weekly at the Cozmic Cafe in Placerville, CA.

Growing up, Sam was always drumming on his desk and humming along. His older brother played the guitar, and Sam always wanted to be just like him. In middle school, he saw a guy put a decent-shape guitar in the trash, so Sam took it, started playing, and has been hooked ever since. He could play for hours and hours and never tired of it. Sam went from singing along to the radio in the car with his mom, to being in a real worship band, and he is now the lead during Sunday services. 

Sam has played in the worship band for multiple churches including the Christian Life Center, Bayside, and Solid Rock. He also performed for worship at Pollock Pines Community Church, which is where I used to play drums and sing when I was Sam's age! Sam is currently in a band called Over the Underground. They've performed at a rally for El Dorado High School and even opened for a Shane Quidachay concert.  Be sure to check out this local rising star!