LinearFlux LithiumCard Pro


4 days ago, I auditioned for the LithiumCard Pro voiceover at a CO-Spot conference room near the San Francisco Caltrain Station. The new LithiumCard Pro is the evolution of the HyperCharger, it has all the cables you need, now with 3Amps of power and 3000mAh of capacity. It charges most smartphones and electronic devices today, like Beats Studio headphones or Jawbone Jamboxes. The microUSB charger is great for your Android phone, and the Apple Lightning connector delivers 3 times the power of 1 charger to your iPhone. Its a great new product that I am totally in love with!

I was a bit sick that day, so I made sure to swing by Starbucks and grab a nice hot tea to soothe my throat. Luckily, it did the trick! The second I started reading the voiceover script, I knew I booked the job. I had a high chance from the start, as I usually only audition for gigs I'm 95% sure I'll book. 

We recorded the voiceover at OakStop on Broadway in Oakland, CA. We had a bit of a rough time recording due to all the outside noise going on. During my Uber ride over to OakStop, we got trapped by a parade of people that were gathered for March for Climate Leadership. There must have been a few thousand people. I swear, every time I book work in Oakland, something unsettling happens to make me never want to go back. 

Everyone on the team was awesome. I also discovered that Gene Celso used to work at IDEO (one of my former clients) and that we know some of the same people. On my way out, I stopped to use the restroom downstairs, where Puneet Prasad and I met yet again. He’s a rising local actor signed with MDT Agency. This time we exchanged numbers and added each other on Facebook. On the way out, I found a really cool wig shop, which I'll definitely return to if I'm ever in Oakland again. 

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