Her Campus at the European Wax Center


After spending a week long vacation with my mother and four fabulous aunts, it's time to get back to work! Today, I photographed an exciting event for Her Campus Media at the European Wax Center in El Cerrito, CA.

Her Campus Media connects brands with college women in ways no other company can! They have approximately 11.9 million monthly visitors on their network along with 6.7 million visitors in social reach. They are also officially recognized as a women-owned business, and of course they're doing an amazing job!

The European Wax Center offers a four-step waxing process for men and women with great affordable packages to meet just about any need. Their fabulous wax is full of antioxidants and vitamins to ensure your next wax is less painful and lasts longer. For those with sensitive skin concerns, they offer calming cream and ingrown hair serums. They are a chain company, so be sure to check if there's one in your area and schedule your new client free wax!

The ladies at the event all received a complimentary wax-on and wax-off treatment, transforming everyone's eyebrow's into astonishing perfection. I would have had my wax-on too, had my eyebrows not been glued to my viewfinder, shooting the best snaps I could despite being sugar-drunk off delicious sweets, wonderful treats, and washing it all down with mocktails.

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