Cisco Live


For the past two days, I've been acting in Cisco Live at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. For my role, I acted as a customer to help demonstrate new products live during the Keynote Highlights presentation with Cisco's CDO Jim Grubb and CEO John ChambersJim Grubb has been with Cisco since 1993, and is now a visionary leader on Cisco’s product solutions and industry marketing team responsible for emerging technologies. John Chambers is CEO of the company and has helped grow the company from when he started in 1991 at 70 million to a whopping 47 billion. John is also one of the New York Times “Most Influential People.”

The traffic was absolutely crazy! There were multiple large events going on at the same time: a sports game with thousands of fans roaming the city, Bay to Breakers shutting down multiple streets, and of course Cisco Live with about 20,000 people indoors, and another 20,000 people watching on the big screen outdoors.

Living outside the city, I was sure to leave several hours early to be sure to make it on time. Due to the streets being blocked off and early morning dead-stop commute traffic, I got off the bus at the top of the hill on Van Ness, and rode my Colours brand manual wheelchair straight down to work. One day it took me over 5 hours to get home, and the other took over 3 hours due to traffic. In the future, I'm staying closer to where I work to be sure to get more sleep.  

The first day, I spent most of our lunch break chatting with Jim Grubb. We were so in-tuned to the conversation, that I didn't even realize the time. I told Jim I needed to start heading back, as to not be late, and he said, "No worries, they won't start without me." So, we stayed a bit longer and finished our enjoyable conversation.

Most of the time, I was backstage in the sound room with actor Arye Michael Bender of Johnson Talent Agency. We had such a blast working together, and chatting all day long. We even planned a photoshoot together. On the big day, Arye and I were not to leave the sound room. We were getting crazy hungry, and had already munched-out on all our home-brought snacks. Our lunch came so late, that we asked 3 different people to get us food. One of which was Will Sinks, whom luckily got the whole feeding-the-hungry-actors situation sorted out. Lucky us, we were served multiple lunches! 

In the middle of eating, it was time to go on. We had to put the food aside, and quickly mic back up. The presentation didn't go quite as planned, so we had to role with the punches, improvise, and make sure to fill in any dead time as to diminish any potential awkward moments. 

Thanks to Spot On Production Group, I now have a new favorite earbud headphone: the VT600 by Voice Technologies. I want a pair so badly! They are the most comfortable earbuds I've ever worn, they aren't very noticeable, and they actually stay in my ears! I've never really liked earbuds before, and am glad to have finally found a set that works for me.


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