Shoot with Chelsie Hill


Today I had a shoot with the amazing Chelsie Hill. For those of you that don't know, Chelsie is a professional wheelchair dancer who owns her own non-profit organization, the Walk and Roll Foundation. Chelsie is also reality TV star on the Sundance Channel's hit TV show "Push Girls," a show that follows the lives of four disabled women living in Los Angeles, California.

The Walk and Roll Foundation has been raising spinal cord injury awareness since 2010, when Chelsie was injured while riding in a Toyota 4Runner driven by a drunk driver. Since then, she and her father, Jon Hill, have been working to get the message out to adults and teens that they need to make good decisions before getting behind the wheel and that there are consequences when you make poor choices.

The Walk and Roll  Dance Team performs unique and captivating routines all over America, sharing their dreams and determination. Their mission is to educate, inspire, provide advice, and give resources to others to improve quality of life. Deserving individuals can even get the chance to receive the semi-annual Chelsie Hill Grant Award. They travel across the country to tell their amazing story, and have added speakers that discuss the devastating effects of gang violence and bullying.

If you would like to make a donation to this amazing foundation or volunteer email Chelsie at You can also call 1-855-925-WALK (9255) for more information.


Photographer: Breanna Baker

Designer: Ronnie Bogle: Nigel Who?

Hair / MUA: Tranquility Day Spa & Hair Salon

Models: Chelsie Hill & Nathan Archibald