Shoot with Ralph Sanders


Today I had a shoot with Ralph Sanders, author of the book "Halftime Hustler," an autobiography that details his life growing up in LA to what he does today; a counselor and advocate for troubled teens. Its a story about his journey through personal loss, deception, and broken dreams concluding in his finding faith in god. Ralph is also a model currently represented by Nicole Dernersesian at FireStarter Entertainment, and currently pursuing an acting career. Despite my being new to photography, and not having a portfolio yet, Ralph really wanted to hire me to shoot some new headshots and fitness photos for his portfolio.

I was amazed how well Ralph is known in the local community. We shot in El Dorado Hills Town Center for about an hour. Within that time, 7 people recognized him and chatted with us. Afterwards, we stopped by Bistro 33 in EDH to grab a bite to eat. It seemed like everyone knew him!

After filling up, we headed over to Folsom High School, to see if they would let us shoot some fitness-style shots on the track & field. Once again, Ralph was instantly recognized. Thanks to his local celebrity status, we were happily welcomed to shoot on the school campus. 

Ralph also introduced me to Quintana Galvan at Fidelis Marketing. Ralph uses Fidelis for all his marketing needs. They help hundreds of others with their attention to specific needs and competitive marketing campaigns. Quintana helps manage Ralph's social media and web presence. Quintana & Nicole (Ralph's agent) will be selecting photos from our shoot to help build Ralph's brand.


You can purchase the book “Halftime Hustler” online on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.