RAW Portland - Runway in Crutches


This week was a bit crazy, but totally fun! Despite the incredible pain I have when standing, I decided to walk the runway. Every step I take, I feel pain in my back, hips, legs... My legs lost 2 inches of muscle, and my Achilles tendon has shortened. I can currently only stand up straight when wearing heels. Without them, I walk with my legs spread far apart, to compensate for the limited angle of rotation I have in my ankle. Walking down the runway on these legs felt like a full day working out at the gym.

I stayed with my makeup artist (Morgan Quinonez) at her apartment in Portland, OR. I was mostly here for her, as we've worked together in the past, and she's just pure awesomeness. During the nighttime, I got caught up on my social media and emails. I stayed up late recording private videos to answer questions about modeling and acting for freinds and followers. On the trip home to California, there was a really bad accident, and we got stuck in dead stop traffic for over 5 hours. The highlight of my day; I had my first experience skating my wheelchair around on ice... and it was so much fun!

The show was by RAW:natural born artists, an independent arts organization for artists and by artists. The RAW show was really cool to watch with inspiring work by multiple local artists: musicians, hair stylists, makeup artists, dancers, designers, filmmakers, and many other visual and performing artists. Morgan's makeup work was being showcased, along with a beautiful line of designer dresses. 

Morgan Quinonez is a freelance makeup artist in the Portland area specializing in airbrush makeup for weddings and special events. Oftentimes, she works on photo shoot sets doing makeup, styling, and hair design. To book Morgan call (360) 907-9231 and tell her Breanna Baker referred you!