SubZERO Runway Show: The Blitz


This morning, Candace called me, "Get up, we're going to San Jose." Within ten minutes, I was sitting in line at Starbucks in San Rafael to order us coffee and bagels while waiting for the girls to pick me up.

I almost fell asleep standing up, and the guy behind me asked, "Are you gonna go?" I didn't even realize I was at the front of the line. I looked up at the barista, my hair and makeup untouched since the runway show last night. I spaced out a bit, and forgot what I was doing.

My cell phone buzzed, and I looked down at it as the frustrated man shoved me aside and cut ahead. The girls were going to be a little late, so I just ordered my own coffee and bagel, unsure of when they would arrive. I eventually bought them coffee when I thought they were close, but it was fairly cold when they arrived. Oops. 

The drive to San Jose was so much fun, we chatted the entire time. The coffee, bagel, and sugary treats definitely woke me up. Our cheery bunch surprisingly arrived at Limon Salon right on time, despite our little detour stop at Krispy Kreme. Models gotta eat, and today we were on that new popular whole-organic sugar and junky-fresh food diet... watching our figures, ya know?

Hours worth of hair, makeup, wardrobe, and sitting in a hot room full of grumpy impatient models started to wear us down a bit. We found out we were not only walking the runway, but walking in a long parade, down dirty people-packed streets, while wearing 5 inch ankle-murdering heels.... Now, doesn't that just sound safe? 

When they said we were on in 5 minutes, I ran out to the DJ stand real quick, to ask if I could leave my little point-and-shoot camera there to record the runway show... the guy said "Okay, but it might get stolen". I didn't care, it was a cheap camera anyways. The 5-minutes until go time turned into an hour of waiting, as I impatiently tapped my heels, hoping my camera wouldn't die. Luckily, my camera lasted through my walk, but to the dismay of the other girls, it died right before I stepped off the stage. 

Once the show was over, our energy was back. We all did a mini photo session in the parking lot, and then got to spend the rest of the night enjoying the SubZERO Festival, which is known for focusing on emerging and present subcultures. It’s a mash up of the arts, where street meets geek with a little techno on top. You’ll find artists, outdoor stages, and plenty of entertainment. You can browse through creative art booths, eat junky-fresh fair food, meet up with old friends, and enjoy live music. We had so much fun!


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