Goorin Bro's Hat Company


On May 5th, I had a go-see with Melissa De Mata, the content and community manager at Goorin Bro's Headquarters in San Francisco, CA. The moment I walked in the door, she said, "Oh my gosh, I love your hair!" We tried on a few hats and she said that I was most definitely a hat person. She gave me some basic details about the shoot, said she had a few more go-see's, but was 99% sure they would pick me for the shoot. If not, they would definitely book me for a future shoot.

Well... they definitely picked me! Today we had so much fun laughing throughout the day while shooting upstairs at Artful Gentlemen, a beautiful clothing boutique, in SF. The hats were amazing, well-designed, and super comfortable. During our shoot, I missed a lot of calls, but luckily, I managed to book three future shoots during my breaks! Awesome sauce.

Goorin Bro’s Hat Company established their beginnings with the original Goorin in 1895 and have since followed the same timeless approach to the art of their hat making. The fourth generation of Goorin Brothers to this day continue the authentic family craftsmanship each time a hat is created, with superb quality, original artistry, and  tons of personality. Buy your next hat at Goorin Bro's, and I assure you that you will not be disappointed. Shop online at If you have any questions for Goorin Bro’s Hat Company please email or call 1-877-HAT-1895 and tell them Breanna Baker sent you!