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On April 4th, I received an email from Mimosa Montag, Photo Producer at eBay Inc. What she may or may not have known, was that she was one of many people I had targeted with direct mail marketing, LinkedIn profile viewing, and social media interactions. In the email, she stated that she saw my LinkedIn profile, and was wondering if I would be interested in modeling for eBay Fashion, a fashion branch of eBay launched to develop a tastefully compelling front end experience for browsing genuine, in-season fashions for instant purchases, which as a model I would be helping them achieve! 

This morning I arrived at LeftSpace an hour early. LeftSpace is one of San Francisco's largest photography studios, and they are amazing to work with. I always pack snacks, just in case... But of course, they had an awesome selection available as well. The first person to greet me when I walked in the door was Megan O'Brien, the Lead Art Director/Fashion Stylist at eBay. Megan took me around and introduced me to the entire team and we went over the wardrobe and concept for today's shoot. 

It was a really fun day and I loved the entire team. The camera guy seemed a bit grumpy, but it sounded like they had a really long week which is totally understandable. After the shoot, I explored the streets for a while. I've been trying to get to know San Francisco better, and the best time to do it of course is with professional hair and makeup, which is a major confidence boost!

For those wondering... The Yes To Carrots products were not used on me during the photoshoot. I am allergic to carrots. During the shoot, I was wearing Mac Cosmetics, which work well for my skin. I've never tried wearing carrot products, so I don't know if the allergy would affect me if it's just on my skin. It’s a good reminder to always be cautious trying new cosmetics products. There could easily be soy, wheat, dairy, acid, sulfate, or metal in them. If you are uncertain of an allergy it is best to only try a slight dab of product on your hand or arm to see if it irritates you first before applying it liberally. People with allergies should always be alert and super careful with what they ingest or put on their skin.


Check out eBay’s new fashion site at www.ebay.com/fashion and let me know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to follow eBay Fashion on Twitter @eBay_Fashion, on Facebook at facebook.com/eBayFashion, and on Instagram @eBayFashion