Fashion on the Drums


After an amazing vacation in Las Vegas, it was time to rock the creative world again. Krishna Alston Teresi and I met last year at a photography workshop at the California Auto Museum. A few weeks ago, after modeling on Good Day Sacramento, I met with Krishna to discuss a possible shoot together. We decidedly wanted exaggerated hair and makeup, rocker clothing, and multiple shoot locations. I showed Krishna pics of a pink dress (designed by Jennifer Hannon) that I modeled that morning on Good Day Sacramento. She LOVED the dress, so of course, it was a staple piece for the shoot.

Immediately, we started putting together our team, brainstorming concepts and ideas for the shoot. It took about a week to get the team confirmed and everything finalized. We got everyone we wanted except Leslie Andrews, who was unable to make it but would have been amazing for BTS video.

Krishna and I worked together so well, we were on the same level for basically the entire shoot. We were totally finishing each others sentences and having the same lightbulbs go off in our heads at identical times!

We had so much fun and had so many ideas to cover, we forgot to shoot our concepts with hair accessories, suckers, and even forgot a whole other outfit! As I’m writing this, I am now so exhausted that I'm not even going to take my hair out. As you can see in the photos below, taking out hair like this takes hours. All of my good friends and family have seen my hair in crazy styles like this, so I’m not too worried. Plus, it's kind of fun to wear it out and see all the interesting reactions!


Photographer: Krishna Alston Teresi

Hair Stylist: Jackhair Bydarlene

MUA: Lakisha Willis

Designers: Jennifer Hannon & Zarah'Nized Wear