The Album Workshop by Gene Higa


Today I modeled for the Album Workshop hosted by Gene Higa & PCL West. Gene Higa is acclaimed to be one of "the top ten wedding photographers in the world" by American Photo Magazine. He travels the world photographing extravagant weddings at destinations where most of us can only dream of having our weddings. The coolest countries you've ever wanted to travel to... Gene's probably shot a wedding there. The world is his office, and California is his home. Not a bad job, if you ask me. And of course, he was awesome to work with. 

As usual, I showed up super early to the Holiday Inn in Sacramento, CA. The day started out with hair, makeup, and wardrobe for us models. Luckily, I got to watch part of the morning seminar. Gene Higa was teaching a bit about wedding photography; sales, shooting, editing, etc. Every time I model for workshops, I get to learn a bit about the photographer's view of the world, which helps me to become an exceptional model. I'd love to learn photography someday, so I can better my modeling and better my budding career. 

After our morning prep, we headed over to Old Sacramento, where what seemed like over 50 professional and aspiring wedding photographers followed us models around in a swarming fashion.

The challenge of shooting with so many photographers, is trying to make each pose photogenic from every angle and paying attention to make sure that every photographer gets "their shot". When you keep the people happy, they keep wanting you, and everyone knows your name, or will eventually know your name after a workshop. Networking is half the game, and client retention keeps the ball in motion.

After a while, the models were paired into couples. I was paired with Jason Lawless, and everyone said our chemistry was perfect. The day was amazing, I made tons of new contacts, and I got to wear around stunning hair and makeup by the wonderfully talented artist Jenifer Haupt


PCL West imaging is a full service imaging company based in Los Angeles, California. Their professional photography lab services any type of event; beautiful weddings, fast-paced sports games, and even simple business portraits. They have considerably priced products with quality that’s hard to match elsewhere. If you’re interested in hiring them for a shoot, give them a call at 866-725-9378 or email and let them know Breanna Baker referred you!